We are dedicated to building the foundation for a new brand in the marketing entertainment and music industry. Jam is the first to celebrate the renaissance of music integrity and artistry. Music is our first passion; it is in our hearts and you will feel that in the music we create.

The Culture

Jam is an entertainment and media marketing company that provides the framework to identify, develop and establish artists of today.  Jam has made adaptations to meet the current day music business and it’s constantly changing landscape while it prides itself on creating a true independent home for artists.

What We Do

Jam acts as a source for all needs that may arise relating to entertainment, media, music, and marketing. Jam plays an integral part in musical compositions and is known for being hands on when developing talent providing strategy for artists looking to create a sustainable and long term career. Jam Distribution has been and will continue to be a constantly evolving, customized effort that comes directly from listening to the fans and the artist.


Our focus is on music distribution, digital media and marketing strategy campaigns. Branding is centered on effective implementation and this has defined our focus.

  • Music Creation & Production
  • Artist Development & Career Cultivation
  • Transparent Management of Business Activities
  • Music Promotion – Tours and Concert Events
  • Strategy and Budget Oversight• Music Consultation and Advisory
  • Digital Media, Blog and Information Services
  • Image Consulting & Project Planning
  • Project Plan Guideline with Defined Targets
  • Film Score, Restaurant Consultancy & Book Publishing


Jam Brothers has spent over a decade developing relationships with the music industry, entertainment venues and local market promotion teams in order to provide opportunities for artists and venues alike. Our partnerships include various festivals, concerts and local venue engagements; placements Jam Brothers has dedicated itself to securing. Jam Brothers’ recording partnership with East Bay studios provides our team the best recording capabilities with engineers and producers, across the globe. For more information contact [email protected]. Jam Brothers and Jam Brothers Music appreciates all of its brand partners, sponsors and team members. We make an effort to recognize our team; players that contribute to the JamFam.